Will Real Estate Ever Fully Adopt Video?

by Stephen Fells on May 26, 2011
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Stephen M. FellsPeople have been saying video is the future of real estate for several years and in that time I've have seen some amazing examples (see: 'When I Dream About Listing Video’s This Is What I Dream About', 'The Most Sex Filled, Action Packed Invite To An Open House You’ll Ever Get. I Promise'.) but it never seems to actually happen. Our clients have added videos to their single property Websites (see: 'A Realtor Marketing Above and Beyond?') but it is unfortunately too rare.

The increase in online video viewing is undeniably on the increase as evidenced by this data circulated by YouTube as part of their sixth 'birthday' celebration:

The YouTube blog post adds they have seen a 37% increase in views over the last six months and a 100% increase since last year.

But I keep asking myself if video will ever go mainstream in real estate? Even with an almost overwhelming choice of hardware, software, vendors and training, many real estate videos end up doing more harm than good to an agents reputation (see: 'Listing Video’s – The Good, The Bad and The Hilarious'). Industry execs continue to complain about agents who do not include photographs when marketing listings and then there are the many that add photo's that are so bad one can't help but find them entertaining. Unfortunately this means we are laughing at the agent rather than with them (see: 'Bad MLS Photo’s', 'The Worst MLS Photo’s Ever?', 'Home For Sale – Sex Toy Provided Free'). I think it's safe to assume that anyone who doesn't add photographs to market a home will never create a video.

Answer honestly - do you think Realtors will ever make video a core component of their marketing? I suspect not.


The Sale

by Stephen Fells on May 26, 2011
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The following video is a short satirical sketch written & directed by Jonathan Browning of Screaming Frog Productions. With massive lay-offs, a busted housing market and darkening economy Thomas really needs to make 'The Sale'.

Starring Tom Martin, Leslie McManus & Ned Mochel. To get complete cast see crew credits www.ScreamingFrog.com

Architecture That Senses And Responds

by Stephen Fells on May 26, 2011
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In the following TED.com video MIT's Carlo Ratti and his team at SENSEable City Lab make cool things by sensing the data we create. He pulls from passive data sets like the calls we make, the garbage we throw away and to create surprising visualizations of city life. And they have created dazzling interactive environments and architecture from moving water and flying light, powered by simple gestures caught through sensors.

Houses on Stilts

by Stephen Fells on May 25, 2011
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Check out these funny houses that reside above ground:

A Trip To Never Never Land:

A House with Lemonade (the signs says "Buy a glass of lemonade for $68 million and get the house for free!"):

A House with Tax Break (this home in Palestine was built on stilts since Palestinians only pay property taxes based on the amount of square footage on the ground):

A Not So Mobile Home:

Takasugi-an in Japan (Takasugi-an means 'a teahouse too high'):

Arunachal Pradesh, India (no thank you...)

And finally....there's the 'how do I get in?' house on stilts:

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